Getting to know your own Pasta

We have been fond of different variations of food and one main domination is the Pasta. Spaghetti and macaroni are one of the pretty common pastas most people knew but there are a lot more to explore. I just currently learned about the different kinds of pasta and so, bear with me.

Let’s first deal with the most well-known pasta. As what we can see, spaghetti is thin and long and popular for the dish Spaghetti Bolognese. It can be also used with all kinds of sauces either thick or thin. It is made from plain and wholemeal flours also with spinach. The thickest type of spaghetti is Spaghettonni, the thin tube is called Spaghettini and the thinnest type of spaghetti is Capellini.

Another one famous pasta is the macaroni. It comes with different shapes and sizes which includes elbow macaroni with its arc shape bending in the middle, short tiny lengths, thick and thin and also long and short. It is very useful for all kinds of pasta dishes and famous also as the Macaroni salad as well as the dish Macaroni Cheese.

Lasagne is defined as flat sheets of pasta sold fresh or dried with either plain or ripple edges. It is cooked instantly and needs no pre-boiling like the other pastas. It is layered with sauce and cheese and baked to obtain a tasty dish.

Fettuccine is a ribbon-shaped pasta and can be bought fresh, dried in plain and spinach flavors. It can be it can produce different pasta dishes with most sauces. It is also known as the most  versatile and popular pasta shape.

Linguine is a kind of pasta that is thinner than fettuccine. It is a narrow ribbons of pasta  and excellent choice for using with thin and delicate sauces.

Commonly used in making hearty dishes. Rigatoni is a large grooved macaroni and traps sauce in its hollows.

Ravioli are pasta squares filled with chicken, spinach, ricotta, pureed meat and other vegetables. It can be bought fresh or dried and can be also be made at home with the use of sheets of fresh pasta.

Tortellini are small pasta turnovers, stuffed with meat or spinach and ricotta, twisted into tiny circles. It is sometimes called as the Venus’s navel because of its shape. They are available either fresh or dry.

Tagliatelle  is somewhat similar to fettuccine, but a bit narrower. It can be used for different types of sauces depending on your preference. It could be either thick or thin.

Bucatini is a tube-like pasta and somewhat hollow. It has the same length as spaghetti and best served with thick peasant-style sauces.

Shell pasta can be also called conchiglie because of the shell shape. Best fits a thick and chunky sauces because it is trapped in the hollow the shell. Pasta shells is one of the easiest pastas to eat neatly and tidily.

Penne is a short, hollow type of pasta that is cut diagonally at both ends. It can be ridged or can be also smooth in texture. Penne absorbs the sauce in its hollows so is best for thick and chunky types of sauce.

Spiral pasta is also called as fusilli. These spirals collect the sauce in the springs. Usually short on lengths when sold but also comes in long shapes called the fusilli bucatini lunghi.

Bow-tie pasta is also called farfalle or the butterflies because of  its distinct shape. It can be served with thick or thin sauces and really look good when served in small quantities for a first course.

From the name itself, Risoni is a rice-shaped type of pasta also called orzo. Risoni is often used as a thickener in soups and as a filling for stuffed vegetables.

There are more to press so, stay tuned.



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