Alone and Lonely? You shouldn’t be

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Being alone is just normal phase of our lives. It may be due to work, for studies or simply deciding to stand with thy own feet. Home sickness will somewhat be an issue during the period of adjustment. It may seem difficult at first but enduring it could be something rewarding.

Instead of thinking you are solely alone, pause for a moment and try to recapitulate everything that happened. Replenish your memory and ask yourself, “Why are you alone?” We all have reasons and everything happens for its own purpose. It might be for the sake of your own good or for other people. Let it be your inspiration to push hard and to survive.  Make yourself busy by doing a simple household chore, cook something different, watch your favorite TV show, do something you enjoy, try something new and most of all pamper yourself.  It’s not that you are alone because you are not wanted but it is for the betterment of all.

Once there was a girl who entered college. This made her all go nuts for she was still fresh, innocent, immature and young. It was a huge turn of events for her and everything seems difficult and she felt alone. She have to dwell on a spooky dormitory be herself, eat instant food for she is always exhausted to cook something good and the worst part is she was separated from her family whom she love most. She said it was not easy but she decided to focus and be strong so that she will overcome everything for herself, to finish her studies and for her parents who paid sweat and blood just to provide quality education and let her study in a medical school.

Loneliness is all in the mind. It won’t affect you if you won’t let it. Just be optimistic and life will be wonderful.  Keep an eye to the bull’s eye and do what you should do. Try to excel in your field so that a day will come the horizon shall shine in favor of you. Life is a battle field and we should be brave. Bravery might not be the absence of fear, anxiety, worries and doubts but it is the gift of knowing what is more essential other than fear, anxiety, worries and doubts. Keep your head up, smile, be cheerful and let the world recognize you. Let not loneliness eat you up but start on building your dreams and take the first step without depending on anyone. You might be physically alone but someone will always be there to pick you up if you are down. Rise and shine and tell the world you can make history.

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