Welcome to the Paradise

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Island Garden City of Samal is one of the best visited island in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the Philippines. It is blessed with rich treasure of  sparkling beaches and numerous wonderful resorts and this includes Paradise Island. A five minute motorized boat ride can be taken away from busy city life. The island offers enticing features also with fine pristine white sand beach resorts to various natural attractions.

I have been a fan of this resort ever since childhood because of their quality service and accommodation, friendly personnel, mouth watering food, clean surroundings and tidy comfort rooms, and the most of all the rich marine life. It’s just ten minutes away from our home which makes it all convenient for the family. I’ve seen a lot of improvements from the structure to the services. They just get better every time we visit.

It is also a perfect place for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can see diverse sea animals from the colorful fishes including the zebra fish, puffer fish, clown fish, different species of star fish, eels, sea snakes and much more. You can also see different shades of coral reefs, sea anemones and on top of it is the calming view and the splash of waves from the sea.

Here are the recent photos from our last trip.

If you want more information about this resort click here.


More to press so, stay tuned.



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