Lifetime Cartoons

We all experienced the feeling of being a child with wild imaginations and dreams we wish to fulfill when we grow up. It’s also been a stereotype for children to watch cartoons everyday and even as they already grew up. They still look back and find it very entertaining to watch those animated cartoon characters all over again. Lifetime Cartoons as I call it. We may all have our own preferences on the type of cartoon character or story we wish to see and it only implies that, there’s always a child living in us but we just set aside the attitude of being childish and chose to be mature persons. Those characters that we patronized have been a part of our lives and will always be. Some say that it’s not good to face all those fictional characters but in the eyes of the viewers those unreal personalities inspire them to do better at work or even in dealing with other people. There are cartoon characters that instill good morals such as Naruto and Gokusen from Japan. There are also cartoons that we really love even though they don’t do much yet they entertain us and cheers us up whenever we have a bad day. They are already thousands of animations and they still continue until today which I am really thankful for. So in tribute to those industrious animators I picked my top five Lifetime Cartoons that I still enjoy up to now.

Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?


Is this picture pretty familiar to you? Well of course. Most people recognize the captain singing “Who lives in the pineapple under the sea?” It’s Spongebob Squarepants! I find this cartoon very entertaining from the story, the different characters and the funny scenes mostly from Patrick the Starfish, Spongebob’s best friend. Some people don’t find the sense of the story yet loves watching it several times. We can’t also forget Squidward, Gary, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Pearl, Plankton and the fun for catching the jellyfishes. The story of Spongebob already reached the entire globe bringing smiles and giggles not only to the children but also for individuals in all ages.



Tom and Jerry


The famous cat and mouse since the 90s. Their fight might be somewhat violent but the viewers still enjoy the flow of events. They don’t talk too much but the good animation and the lively actions suffice to get the audience’s attention. We also met dog characters, Spike and his son Tyke in the series adding spice to the unending rambling of Tom and Jerry. There’s also Butch and Toodles Galore, the woman known as the Mammy Two shoes and much more. If you like Tom and Jerry you will also love the films that are already produced. There are more conversations in the films that will let you appreciate the story more.




Phineas and Ferb


Phineas and Ferb are known to be young inventors producing excellent inventions and number one on the list is their best roller coaster ever from their pilot episode. If ever they are real, I would really be envious of their skills and capabilities. They always have something to do everyday and make out the best of everything every summer. The songs in the show also adds entertainment factor and often gives me the last song syndrome. I am also a fan of Perry the Platypus, the secret agent who is always battling against Doofenshmirtz. The rest of the characters involved are unique yet fun to watch.



Oggy and the Cockroaches


I just recently knew about Oggy from my friends and looks like they enjoy it very much. It’s much similar from Tom and Jerry in form of the scheme, violent yet entertaining. What makes this stand out is the irony of the cockroaches making Oggy’s life miserable. The fat blue cat who enjoys watching TV is always annoyed by the three little cockroaches named Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. Jack, the other cat also Oggy’s cousin is also a target for the cockroaches for he is quite short-tempered. The topsy-turvy set up makes the story more colorful.






I find it very amusing for the babies to have adventures on their own. Chuckie and the rest of the babies does not only entertain but also teaches us various of things. I also love watching and listening to their conversations because I find it Educational in speaking spontaneous English. It is one of the well-loved cartoons of all time and also garnered a lot of awards from the past years.



So, are you also a cartoon lover? I would like to hear from you. What are you lifetime cartoons? Feel free to drop your comments.



More to press, so stay tuned.



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