Brownies Unlimited: Perfect Gift for Christmas

People always crave for something yummy and sweet whenever they cut their diet down. The taste of Umami is what we search for, the satisfaction after each bite and the contentment after the meal is done. We also love going on a food trip and receive freebies for our taste buds whenever there is Free taste at certain malls. Talking about giveaways and treats, my dad once brought us something special when he came home from Manila. We, his children are fond of chocolates and sweets which is often the cause of sore throat. Anyways, he brought a box of mouth-watering brownies that isn’t sold at our place. It is called Brownies Unlimited, from the facade of the box to the content and up to the first bite you’ll go loco.

I saw one of my favorite TV shows featuring this product and I should really agree with all the positive reviews. It is made tidy and neat and crafted really well. This is a perfect gift for somebody you love who is a true blue fan of pastries and stuff. It is affordable and worth every penny. I hope they’re gonna open at Davao soon and if ever they will, I’ll be the first costumer to patronize.

Here are some snapshots I got before I got totally tempted to eat this yummy thing.

If you are interested, you can also visit Unlimited Brownies’ website by clicking here.

Have a superb food trip.



More to press so, stay tuned.



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