The Aesthetic View

In the depth of darkness ad ever since the dawn of time,

God, the ever omnipotent and omniscient made everything filed in line.

His masterpiece is wonderful that there is nothing to compare,

But through the innovations, we fail to recognize beauty,

we’ve become dull dry in sense, like a land in drought, even forgot just to glare.

So let me uncover the mask and remove the blind fold people put around,

To open each eye, to discover the portal of aesthetic perspective in the same ground.

To let people appreciate what they have and let them meet my gaze,

I know in every site where people dwell has a special place.

In my perception, the place I treasure most and treat so dear,

Is where the birds chirp, the sturdy trees dance, the branches sways,

the river continuously flows, shines like a diamond, so crystal clear.

Where the wind breeze blows, where the sea waves are wild and calm

and where the spectrum of light freely plays under the heat of the sun.

Where the eagle soars, where the tasty smell of durian diffuse, where the sweet pomelo is grown,

it is the land I call my own, the place where I was born.


It is my sanctuary of joy and satisfaction,

My territory wherein I set my disposition.

Where I breathe air in and out, partake food all through out.

Where I find peace and tranquility as well as noise high and loud.


How I wish people tend to view life with colors and hues,

Like the sunrise in the east and the sunset in the west,

Where individual people gather in queue to see the majestic view.

Omit all doubts and pessimism and change the channel to optimism.

Expunge the discontentment and build a world of smiles.

Take part in the journey in the appreciation quest,

In having the Aesthetic View, everything will be suffice, reaping all the best.


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