The Most Beautiful World History

My Aunt nun from Manila, recently visited us and brought various gifts for us. Simple yet the thought counts most. The present that really caught my attention is the little bracelet with a wonderful story behind it. The Most Beautiful World History unraveled through every bead of the bracelet. So, Here it goes.


The Most Beautiful World History

Once there was a star of the east (star bead)

that guided the Three Kings (3 beads)

they brought three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh (3 beads)

The birth of the new King (one bead)

He grew up as a carpenter (wood bead)

and a fisher of mean and souls (fish bead)

He had twelve apostles who would teach His truth (12 flower beads)

but there happened a black day of envy, hatred and death ( 3 black beads)

He was crucified and shed His precious blood (cross and red beads)

to purify us (white bead)

Now He is in heaven (blue bead)

with our Father (hand bead)

The most important thing that is that, he did everything  for Love (heart bead)

After reading it, I was a bit amazed by the creativity of the nuns who did it. Simple yet really inspiring. I’m planning to do one to so that I may give it to others. All you need is creative imagination with the pinch of art and craft. And of course with the faith to God that will help you touch other people’s lives.

More to press so, stay tuned.

(c)therottengenius / (c) the rotten genius


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