Tune your guitar within a minute

I’ve always been a frustrated musician at childhood and fond of strumming the guitar whenever I have free time. Music relieves all stress and anxiety that’s why I feel relaxed  whenever my guitar is with me. Same goes to my old mp3 player, speaker phones and the i-pod. Being a neophyte in terms of guitar playing requires focus and determination for you to learn. Discipline will be a great help along the way with perseverance to learn and to become a good agent of music. 

Going back to guitars, one of the common problems that the novices undergo is how to tune a guitar. It’s quite hard because you haven’t mastered it yet. It demands patience and time before achieving the right tune in every string. I have the same problem too but thank goodness, somebody just had a brilliant idea and created the Perfect pitch tuning software. It’s easy to use, really convenient and most of all, it’s free. All you need is your guitar and a computer or a laptop.

It is indeed a heaven-sent gift for beginners who want to produce good soothing music to their audience. It works perfectly fine for those who are striving so hard to master guitar tuning. You just need to twist those knobs until you reach the green line, meaning the certain string is already on tune. It also works in tuning a baritone guitar, bass guitar, cello, double bass, fiddle, mandolin, ukulele, viola and violin. If you want to download it, Click here.


Hope this might help.


More to press so, stay tuned.

(c) the rotten genius / (c)therottengenius


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