Love You

Loving you is all I care,
Searching for love whenever it’s there.
Loving you is what I do,
Loving you and of course, myself too.

Loving is a powerful thing I made,
That even some strangers cannot take.
Loving you would cause me to be blue,
At some point I just stare at you leaving me without a clue.

I may not be fair or beautiful in your eyes,
But being friends and a bit of random talks will be suffice.
There are a lot of other girls that will meet you gaze,
But I will keep still in the same barren place.

You may search for a maiden you will love so true,
And you will end up in a church where she will say I do.
My heart would break I guarantee you,
I may feel sick reaching high strikes of flu.

But I won’t be as narrow-minded like others act,
I just love you too much and it’s a fact.
I may not take back what I said,
So I will take some steps until this wound will mend.

You are so good that you caught my eye in some point of time,
But I will work hard so it won’t hurt, just spend some time to earn a dime.
Time may come and go and  this love will pass and fly,
But as I finally bid goodbye, I want to say this one last time, you are the apple of my eye.


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