Same Old Brand New You

I stare on the windowpane as the wind smash through my hair,

I see your eyes glisten with so much joy as we meet after a long time, life seemed so fair.

Face, built and style all seem to change after a while,

But as I rediscover the guy I once knew,

Proven that you’re still the old folk though you look brand new.


The way you talk have changed a bit but I’m glad we still have the common thing that makes us fit.

Looking back through the olden times made you burst to tears

I was completely shocked because I really thought you’re fierce.

You have changed in most things but the kind person remains along with your fancy blings.


You have the eyes that made my heart melt,

Something that I haven’t still felt.

You have the smile that could brighten up my day,

You seem like a perfect masterpiece built-in some 3D clay.


The differences didn’t hinder for us to unite,

You may be shy at first but when the funny memories sink in, everything seem to ignite.

In the short time I’ve been with you, you proved that you’re still the same guy I knew,

You may return overseas and leave me again in time, I will just treasure all the memories so I may craft words again, together in rhyme.


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