The Guy With The Messy Hair

I saw you first as you entered the room,

You were with your friends and you’re totally in bloom.

You have that messy hair that I find so cute,

You have the eyes that made me smile and on the latter made me switch to mute.

As you speak in the crowd I thought you’re so smart,

And as the days went by my impression is solely proven, dumbstruck, I almost swallowed my whole tart.

You have the looks of a bonny debonaire,

The stance and built along with that pretty face, made all girls to stare.


The first time you spoke to me I thought I’m gonna have an attack,

Pardon the exaggeration but I always recall that moment during a flash back.

Your voice soothes my cluttered thoughts,

Just a glimpse of you made me jump that I almost ripped my pants’ crotch.


The day when you offered me a seat made my heart rate race a hundred fold beat

I got my tongue-tied, my mouth stuttered even my own feet.

You still have that eyes that made my wholeness stiff,

I don’t know what to do, scream?, dive? or jump in a cliff?


I don’t talk to you much but you have the humor that makes me laugh

But when the day ends, You just disappear in a puff.

I have to leave and carry all the things I wish I shared with you,

Although I haven’t told you “I love You”, when the time comes I do hope you’ll say “You Love Me Too.”


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