Nomura Jellyfish

I always feared going to the deep part of the sea whenever we spend sometime swimming at the beach. I got  fish bites several times and it’s really painful. I have the imagination of wild things, sea snakes, dangerous creatures, eels, jellyfishes and stuff. Don’t get me wrong but I really love the ocean, the rich marine ecosystem, colorful corals and those fancy fishes dancing in the waves. I just rather choose to be safe than to be careless, it’s not my territory, nor our territory that’s why I am always cautious. I had done snorkeling and want to try scuba diving, marine exploration is super fun. Then I got to swim with jellyfishes and I kinda freaked out, I always have the perception that they’re dangerous but they aren’t, not all just some of them like the Portuguese Man of War. Then, I  just discovered a unique specie of jellyfish that will surely amaze you. Presenting the Nomura Jellyfish also known as Echizen Kurage. If you want more information about it, Click here.

So, it’s enormous, big and really fascinating, here are just some snapshots.


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