The Guy With The Messy Hair

I saw you first as you entered the room,

You were with your friends and you’re totally in bloom.

You have that messy hair that I find so cute,

You have the eyes that made me smile and on the latter made me switch to mute.

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Same Old Brand New You

I stare on the windowpane as the wind smash through my hair,

I see your eyes glisten with so much joy as we meet after a long time, life seemed so fair.

Face, built and style all seem to change after a while,

But as I rediscover the guy I once knew,

Proven that you’re still the old folk though you look brand new.


The way you talk have changed a bit but I’m glad we still have the common thing that makes us fit.

Looking back through the olden times made you burst to tears

I was completely shocked because I really thought you’re fierce.

You have changed in most things but the kind person remains along with your fancy blings.


You have the eyes that made my heart melt,

Something that I haven’t still felt.

You have the smile that could brighten up my day,

You seem like a perfect masterpiece built-in some 3D clay.


The differences didn’t hinder for us to unite,

You may be shy at first but when the funny memories sink in, everything seem to ignite.

In the short time I’ve been with you, you proved that you’re still the same guy I knew,

You may return overseas and leave me again in time, I will just treasure all the memories so I may craft words again, together in rhyme.

Love You

Loving you is all I care,
Searching for love whenever it’s there.
Loving you is what I do,
Loving you and of course, myself too.

Loving is a powerful thing I made,
That even some strangers cannot take.
Loving you would cause me to be blue,
At some point I just stare at you leaving me without a clue.

I may not be fair or beautiful in your eyes,
But being friends and a bit of random talks will be suffice.
There are a lot of other girls that will meet you gaze,
But I will keep still in the same barren place.

You may search for a maiden you will love so true,
And you will end up in a church where she will say I do.
My heart would break I guarantee you,
I may feel sick reaching high strikes of flu.

But I won’t be as narrow-minded like others act,
I just love you too much and it’s a fact.
I may not take back what I said,
So I will take some steps until this wound will mend.

You are so good that you caught my eye in some point of time,
But I will work hard so it won’t hurt, just spend some time to earn a dime.
Time may come and go and  this love will pass and fly,
But as I finally bid goodbye, I want to say this one last time, you are the apple of my eye.

The Aesthetic View

In the depth of darkness ad ever since the dawn of time,

God, the ever omnipotent and omniscient made everything filed in line.

His masterpiece is wonderful that there is nothing to compare,

But through the innovations, we fail to recognize beauty,

we’ve become dull dry in sense, like a land in drought, even forgot just to glare.

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